School of Energy and Environment

School of Energy and Environment (SEE) is a part or a new school carved out of the Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences with effect from academic year 2013. Scope of the school has been expanded to include (in addition to the environmental sciences, technology and management) Energy science, technology, management and Safety. 
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology offers:

M.Tech. Environmental Science and Technology since 1980s, and the M.Tech Program in Energy Technology and Management was initiated during the academic year 2014-15. Both these programs are now being offered by the School of Energy and Environment.

R&D activities of the school currently include river water quality monitoring and management; metal bio-transformations; advanced oxidation processes; industrial environmental management; ambient air quality; and bioremediation and bio-plastics. The school offers Ph.D. programs in the energy, environment and safety areas.

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 Expertise at SEE

School of Energy and Environment has well furnished and sophisticated environmental laboratories established in 1980s by the liberal funding of MOEF, GOI to develop the area of Environmental Science and Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology . It has qualified, competent and experienced faculty, involved in carrying out academic, consultancy and research activities since 1986.

The school has been implementing the Satluj river water quality monitoring project since 1996. The faculty of the school also undertakes consultancy projects in the areas of environmental servicesenvironmental designing and management systems (including NABL assessor). The faculty of the school are also supervising sponsored projects funded by various agencies of Government of India, including BRNS, CSIR, DBT, DST, DRDO, AICTE, etc., in addition to carrying out research under bilateral collaborations with Japan, Italy, etc.

Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Laboratory (SAI Labs, a MOEF recognized environmental laboratory), CORE (a DST-TIFAC Centre of Excellence in agri-industrial biotechnology) and STEP (Science and Technology Enterpreneurship Park in the area of biotechnology), established within the premises of the institute, also supports various programmes offered by the school.


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